Let's get to know each other.  


I am currently the Director of Professional Development and Assistant Director of Player Development Major League Baseball Club, where I specialize in coach to athlete connection. 

My belief in Christ and love for family guide my life. My marriage enriches my soul and gives me strength to work with talented men daily. 

My passion is being with people, wherever they are. As an entrepreneur, mentor and catalyst I intentionally dedicate my life to listening to others. I wake up to encourage people to make choices that strengthen their lives. I help hopeful, ambitious individuals outline, communicate and accomplish their ongoing purpose, vision and goals with fresh, invigorating perspective. 

I authored and began teaching the NextStep curriculum on baseball fields across the country with my company NextStep Baseball, which I launched after working 6 years directly in the sport. As I coached my clients to trust themselves, build strong character, lead demonstratively and intentionally craft their personal brands - positive, powerful, and visible responses ensued. NextStep Baseball continues to grow and is still at the heart of my vocation. 

Executives influenced by the change in the athletes and coaches I have worked with now hire me to share the same "secrets" to personal excitement, achievement and success with NextStep Elite. Though I do not consider the principles embodied by NextStep to be "secrets," I willingly partner with businesses and people to share why we do what we do and effectively communicate our methodical, efficient way for how we do it. 

In 2016, my husband Brett Manning and I also founded Teens With Class, a manners, etiquette and leadership program designed to teach the concepts outlined above to a younger, impressionable demographic.